SOP - Computer Login Password Change via Webmail

SOP- Password Change on Domain via Webmail.pdf

Please refer to this document , if you need to change your computer login password . This could be due to a password expiry date approaching.


Webmail Password change method is advised only when you are not logged into a Christenson Asset(Workstation), or if you cannot easily access a computer at any of our communities.

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  1. Natalie Voegeli
    16 January, 2020

    Can you give me access to the K drive? Thank you! I would like to have the emergency codes.

  2. angie small
    15 March, 2019


    could you please give me access to all the policy drives as a new part of my role is to review and update our policies.

    thnak you

  3. Vanessa Mendoza
    27 November, 2018

    Good day! Please reset password for the casual HCA staff Vanessa Mendoza. She is also a casual employee at Glastonbury so if could make her access the Yardi for both sites, that would be great. Thank you.

  4. Shienna Camba
    13 November, 2018

    Please reset password.
    Thank you


  5. Melissa Oake
    05 November, 2018

    Please create a desktop username and password for our new LPN
    Marie Natalaray.

    Thank you

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